The Three Types Of Junk Removal Customers

Many of my first-time customers feel somewhat awkward about booking the service – as if they should have been able to deal with the accumulated rubbish without the help of a professional. They are pleasantly surprised when I tell them that during these last few months, we have been overbooked and running like a headless chicken all over London. That got me thinking – what kind of people most often call me for a rubbish removal job? Here is my answer!

The Movers

Tenants who move to a new place of living. These are usually younger people who do not get emotionally attached to their belongings and see the transition as the perfect moment to start fresh. As a result, they leave a lot of junk behind – or rather, call a rubbish removal specialist like yours truly to get rid of it.

The Buyers

Have you bought a new bed and mattress? Good for you, it was about time! But what do you do with the old one? You guessed it correctly. These are some of my easiest jobs because they include a small number of large objects – much better than a large number of small objects.

The Hoarders

The kind of people who have a mental block when trying to throw something away. They stockpile massive junk with the faint explanation: you never know – it might get useful. The complete opposite of the buyers, the hoarders present some of the toughest challenges to a rubbish removal specialist.


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